Therapeutic Services

Targeted 30-minute Massage

Enjoy a focused treatment to help alleviate tension or discomfort in a specified area of the body.  For those with a tight schedule, or a tight part of the body,  a concentrated 30-minute massage will help you relax and feel revived.  30min – $60

The Power Hour (or more!)

Choose from Swedish Massage, which promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension, using a light to firm touch, or Deep Tissue Massage, where more intense pressure is applied to break up adhesions and chronic muscle tension. Feel rejuvenated and alive.     60 /75/ 90 min  – $95/$115/$130

Hot Stone Therapy

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage with deep heat stone therapy. A combination of Swedish massage techniques and hot stones to relax the muscles and re-balance the body’s energy flow. 60 / 75 / 90 min – $105 / $120 / $140

Cupping Therapy

An ancient bodywork technique used in many cultures, cupping therapy relieves restricted areas of the body, increases circulation, releases toxins and reduces chronic pain.  60 / 75 / 90 min – $105 / $120 / $140


Using the thumb and fingers,  the therapist applies pressure to specific locations on the feet that directly connect to the glands, organs  and other parts of the body. Reflexology helps to reduce pain, anxiety, depression while increasing relaxation.  60 min – $95

Universal Life Energy Treatment

A hands on energy session to facilitate healing and manage pain. Feel free in your body, mind and spirit. Reawaken body awareness. 30 / 60 min – $60/$95

Pre-Natal Massage

As your body adjusts during this wonderful time, take an hour, relax and indulge in a comforting massage reduce leg, hip and lower back pressure. Feel your body realign, re-balance and breathe. 30 / 60 min – $60/$95

Sports Massage

Geared towards athletes, this massage is aimed at specific muscles groups depending on the athletic goals and/or injury. The therapist uses stretching techniques and specific manipulations of targeted muscle groups to help prevent injuries and prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal health. The massage is also designed to help athletes recover from workouts, injuries and marathons. 60/75/90 min $95/$105/$130

Indian Head Massage

Restoring and balancing the body, this holistic massage concentrates on shoulders, neck, and head. It draws on ancient pressure and manipulation techniques to relax and rejuvenate while initiating a healing process within the whole body and restoring natural energy.  $60

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